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Annual Inspection for the Academic Session 2017-18

Annual Inspection is going on 29/08/2017 by Hon’ble Assistant Commissioner, KVS (RO) Agra Sh. M. L. Mishra with the following team members: 1. Sh. R. K. Sharma, Principal, K.V. Babina Cantt., 2. Dr. (Ms.) Sonu Rai, Principal, KV No.1, Jhansi, 3. Mrs. Reena Chakravorty, Principal, KV No.3, Jhansi, 4. Dr.(Sh.) A. K. Upadhyay, Principal, KV Hathras, 5. Sh. S. K. Sharma, Principal, KV Lalitpur, 6. Sh. J. K. SHARMA, HM, KV No.1, Jhansi.

Vidyalaya Timing w.e.f 27-06-2017

Vidyalaya Timing w.e.f 27-06-2017 is 07:30 AM to 01:40 PM.

Split up Syllabus

Please see Student Corner for Split up of syllabus for class I to V and XI to XII.